speleocamp, SpeleoKemp pre mladých jaskyniarov od 1. augusta do 15. augusta

SpeleoKemp pre mladých jaskyniarov od 1. augusta do 15. augusta

V prílohe nájdete pozvánku na medzinárodný Speleokemp pre mladých jaskyniarov v nemeckom a anglickom jazyku.

International Training Camp for Young Speleologists on the Swabian Alb

From August 1st, 2020 to August 15th, 2020

Tent camp at the caving club building in Blaubeuren-Seissen

Recommended age for participants: 16 years and older


Caves are geotopes and biotopes and thus sensitive climate archives which are worth to explore.

Research and protection of those climate archives and their current cave climate, which is an indicator of climate change, is a current and extremely important European concern.

Speleologists can contribute to the exploration and protection of those climate archives through international cooperation.

A solid education can provide optimal conditions for research and caving activities.

To this end, we offer you various topics and a comprehensive supporting program on all important areas of speleology. Optimal practice and learning is guaranteed by small groups.

A further aim of the camp is that the participants get to know like-minded people from home and abroad, exchange information about their hobbies and interests, as well as about their cultures and thus have the opportunity to visit their karst areas or caves later on and do research together.

The camp program is aimed at young people who have their first interest in caving, but also at those who have already gained experience in caving and want to continue their education in this field.

The participants should have German or English language skills.

We will offer the following courses:

I. Caving technique including rescue of comrades

Main topic of this course is to learn solid basic skills in cave exploration. There will be topics about ropes and knot techniques, security, rescue, rappelling in shafts, rope ladders and single rope techniques (SRT).

II. Cave Surveying

A detailed cave map is essential for cave research. You will learn the basics techniques of cave surveying and how to draw a cave map with a computer (Therion). You will train the use of DistoX together with a PDA and you get to know other different surveying equipment like compass and clinometer.